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Start TimeEnd TimeDateShiftsLocation
10:00am2:00pmMonday, 23 Dec 20191North Hill Centre
9:00am1:00pmTuesday, 24 Dec 20191Sunridge Mall
1:00pm5:00pmTuesday, 24 Dec 20191Sunridge Mall

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Please note:

• You must be 18+ years old to register and book shifts.
• It is important that all wrapping meets our standards. Lessons and tips will be given when deemed neccessary.
• Children under 6 yrs old are not allowed in the gift wrap booth.
• Children between 6-12 yrs old are allowed to accompany an adult but are not allowed to wrap, they can assist in putting on bows and stickers.
• Children 13-14 are allowed to wrap but need to be accompanied by an adult.
• Children 15+ are welcome to wrap on their own.
• Children under 15 are NOT allowed to gift wrap after December 15th.
• If you are bringing a friend (or two) with you, you must select as many shifts as the number of people in your party.
• If you cannot find a shift that works for you, please check back as shifts periodically become available due to cancelations.

Canceling a shift:

If you are unable to cover your shift or someone in your group can’t make it - login and remover your name(s) from the shift as soon as possible. This will make the shift available to others.

If you need to cancel your shift less than 24 hours in advance it is extremely important to contact your mall coordinator or call Jeanette at (403) 801-0703.

Cystic Fibrosis Wrappers

If you or somebody you are bringing for your shift has cystic fibrosis please contact the CFC office (404) 266-5295 to ensure there are no other people with CF wrapping with you. There are Cystic Fibrosis Canada infection control policies that are important to follow and we try our best to avoid people with cystic fibrosis volunteering at the same time. Please click here to see policy.

Wrapping Schedule and Information sheets

Southcentre Mall - Dec 1st – Dec 24th

North Hill Centre - Dec 1st – Dec 24th

Sunridge Mall - Dec 1st - Dec 24th